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Jessi Dore’ Lawson is a fine artist and tattooer whose work exudes lush hues of vivid color and surreal, fairytale-like worlds inspired by nature. Her multicultural upbringing has inspired and evolved the style in which she works and acts as a catalyst for her diverse range of mediums.

Jessi was born in 1982 in Minneapolis, MN. She was artistic throughout her childhood and sought any outlet she could to express herself. In 1995 her family transplanted to South Orange County, CA, where she attended high school and later studied formally at the Laguna College of Art and Design in Laguna Beach, as well as the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, to obtain her BFA. Always having a strong passion for art, she followed her dream to become a professional artist. Furthering her ability was a primary goal and put a lot of focus on traditional painting techniques. Naturally drawn to the bold richness of oil paints, they continue to be her primary painting medium. While in college she began actively showing her work among the lowbrow and fine art scene including galleries worldwide. Her work was also featured in several articles and publications including Fuzed Magazine UK, Juxtapoz, Las Vegas Weekly, the Las Vegas Mercury, City Life, several tattoo magazines as well as regularly seen on A&E’s “Inked”.

In 2006 after relocating to Las Vegas, Jessi decided to expand her artistic ability and began apprenticing to tattoo under Ryan “Opie” Mueller. Shortly after, she began tattooing full time. During this time she continued to actively show her paintings as well as being a full time mother of two. After 8 years in Las Vegas she relocated her family to Portland OR, and in 2011 they returned to her home town of Minneapolis. With so many life changes, she decided to take a break from showing her work in order to more fully develop her style and technique. She wanted to incorporate all the new inspiration, life experiences and technical knowledge she picked up over the years and apply them into her new works.

Currently Jessi can be found at Leviticus Tattoo in Minneapolis. Her focus is to continue to evolve her art taking creative cues from nature, science and life. Jessi creates illustrations that combine traditional folktales, traditional tattoo elements and classic renaissance techniques. She strives to push the quality and detail with every opportunity and looks forward to all the future will bring.

For information regarding her paintings or tattoos, please contact her at jessi@jessilawson.com